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3D Model Administrator

Job Description

Job Title:
3D Model Administrator

Project Management Team

Reports to:
WorkFace Planning Specialist – Functional
Information Manager – Matrix

The 3D model administrator is a member of the Project Manage Team reporting directly to the WorkFace Planning Specialist and is responsible to initiate, populate and maintain the Project’s WorkFace Planning software upon the base of the 3D model, for the entire life of the project.

This includes but is not restricted to:

  • Develop standard formats for information generation from Engineering, Procurement, Project Controls, Document Control and Material Management during the conceptual phase of the project.
  • Work with the software developer to initiate the deployment and population of the WorkFace Planning software.
  • Automate the population of weekly updates to the WorkFace Planning software.
  • Maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information contained in the WorkFace Planning software
  • Establish network access connections to the WorkFace Planning software for all of the project's Stakeholders
  • Train and give direction to the 3D model administrators for the construction contractors.
  • Train and support the WorkFace Planners on the application of the WorkFace Planning software.
  • Train and support all of the Project Stakeholders on how to utilize their read only access to the WorkFace Planning software.
  • Develop and support the generation of project reports from the WorkFace Planning software.

The ability of the WorkFace Planners to develop Field Installation Work Packages is heavily dependent upon their access to project information. The 3D model administrator through the facilitation of the WorkFace Planning software plays an important role in establishing a knowledge center that allows the WorkFace Planners to access real time project information. The WorkFace Planners display their projected plans in the WorkFace Planning software and this is then shared with the rest of the project stakeholders through read only access.

The 3D model administrator (PMT) is expected to manage their own organisation of 3D model administrators from the Contractors. Each of the contractors will supply their own 3D model manager who will report through a matrix organisation chart to the 3D model manager (PMT).